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Introducing Madi Lane's New Collection

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Embodying modern femininity and embracing growth that resonates within our selves and the world around us - we are incredibly excited to announce the arrival of Madi Lane's newest collection BLOOM. From silky charmeuse to fully beaded designs and new colors to unique laces, Madi Lane has designed yet another collection that encapsulates raw beauty that we know you're going to fall in love with.



From the Designer

"This seasons collection is inspired by – ‘the adventure and beauty of becoming… of evolving and flourishing.’ Much like the blossoming of springtime, after winter – the new beginning of a season of growth – of flourishing and thriving, of freshness and vigour, of achieving and prospering. And of endless beauty and radiance. Shot in the comfort of our hometown on the Gold Coast in the idyllic Eastern Australian coast, this collection is set amongst grand pillars, lush greenery and exquisite architecture of hollow walls that allow the love story to flow throughout. In harmony with and building on the collection name, our campaign shoot narrative tells the story of two lovers – the wedding day being the joining and unity that creates a new season – a flourishing – with the bride the perfect exemplar of the beauty of the blooming of springtime. And together, the adventure of becoming all they can be."













Madi Lane gowns have always encompassed a special sense of femininity, rewriting traditions to be incredibly special moments for each individual bride.

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