What is a Sample Sale? Mobile Image

Sample sales offer many brides an opportunity to shop hundreds of gorgeous designer gowns at a fraction of the cost. But where do these gowns come from and what is their quality?


Every Luv Showroom is founded in being authentically inclusive for every bride that walks through our doors. Because of that passion, each Showroom carries hundreds of designer styles in multiple sizes and samples. When a style is out-of-season they are moved to our off-the-rack section that is stocked with many discounted designer gowns all year round.


Each sample in our Showrooms is highly cared for and lightly used. Their purpose is for brides to try on for a few moments before deciding which one is their dream gown. In-between each sample’s try-on it is cleaned and checked for impurities. We do this to ensure that our gowns are kept in top quality so when it finds its forever home with a lucky bride it will look and feel like new!


Although our off-the-rack samples are available at a discounted price all year round, there are times that we offer these gowns at an extra discounted price.



















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