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Finding the Perfect Bridal Veil


You’ve found your gorgeous, dream dress and now you need the perfect veil to pair with it! Just like bridal dress shopping, there’s a variety of options when it comes to veils such as length, lace, and fabric and knowing where to start can be very overwhelming. Deciding what veil length, you want will make finding the perfect one so much easier, so here’s a veil length guide to help you get ready for your big day!


Birdcage Veils


Birdcage veils are perfect if you’re going for a vintage vibe or if you want to add just a touch of drama to your bridal look. They are the shortest veils and usually hover over the cheek and above the chin with the comb sitting on the top of the head. Once in place, the veil resembles a cage over your face, hence the name birdcage. Some brides wear them off to the side to have the tulle netting gracefully sweep across their face for even more drama and to give a bold asymmetrical look.


Fingertip Length Veils


Fingertip veils are worn often since they complement most gown styles. Approximately 38”-40” in length, they fall just around the bride’s fingertips. This mid-length veil option is a great choice if you want to show off a unique back detail on your dress or a long dramatic train. A lot of brides like fingertip length veils because they won’t drag along the floor during your ceremony so they can be kept in pristine condition. You can also wear a fingertip length veil for your ceremony and reception since it’s a shorter length, you won’t have to worry about tripping over it or guests stepping on it as well!


Waltz Veils

Waltz length veils give you the best of both veil worlds, not too long and not too short. Perfect for a modern, chic bride, they are usually around 50"-60" long and dance just around the calf and ankle. Waltz veils pair well with dresses with shorter trains or no trains at all, so that your veil and dress are both the perfect, matching length. This veil could also be worn all wedding day long and could be the extra layer of volume for your slimmer sheath or fitted dress. Like the dance, waltz veils dance and glide as you walk down the aisle on your big day.


Chapel Veils

A stunning chapel length veil as you walk down the aisle will exude regal bride. Chapel veils are usually around 72” to 90" long and fall a few inches past the end of your beautiful train. This veil is perfect for a chapel or church, of course, and for a more formal and elegant venue. Adding a chapel veil on top of a longer, beautifully embellished train will add just the right illusion touch to your dress. Brides with chapel length veils also love getting the shot of their veil floating in the breeze, for a super dreamy look.


Cathedral Veils

Dramatic, elaborate, over the top? If these words sound like you and how you want to feel on your wedding day, then a Cathedral veil is for you! Some brides dream of having a super long veil on their big day, and why not go for it! Cathedral veils are usually around 108"-120" long or longer at times and extend past your lovely train. This veil flowing gracefully down a grand staircase or down the aisle of a ballroom or hall will be breathtaking in photos.


Your Wedding Day

No matter what veil length you choose or even if you opt to not wear a veil, you will look amazing on your wedding day!

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