Brooke Bails Knopf. Mobile Image

Brooke Bails Knopf

Bride: Brooke Bails Knopf

Groom: Alex Knopf

Dress: Fleur by Madi Lane

Accessories: Cathedral Veil by En Vogue Accessories

Photographer: Chelsea Green Photography



My experience at Luv Bridal was amazing. Everyone I worked with was extremely helpful and made the process so comfortable. I am grateful for all the help I received help from and how supportive everyone was! They even threw in a veil for me that I absolutely loved. So sweet! 



Advice to other brides

I think one piece of advice I would share is set aside time for you and your significant other the day of your wedding. It really does go by so quickly. Don’t sweat the small stuff, it may not go “perfectly” but no matter what you get to marry your person.