Cooper and Siena in FLEUR Mobile Image

A Cozy Christmas Wedding

in Redlands, California

About Siena's experience at Luv Bridal in Los Angeles, CA

"I was honored to have my sweetest friend and prior roommate as my stylist. I arrived with a vision for my wedding and dress but she knew me so well. The FLEUR gown by Madi Lane was pulled as a wildcard and I, along with my mother and bridal party, instantly loved it and knew it was the one!"



About Siena and Cooper's LUV Story


"My husband and I met 3 and a half years ago before our freshman year of college. The first night we met he took me on a sweet tour of the Long Beach harbor with music and helping me see over a wall by helping me on his shoulders. We were inseparable from that moment on. Two and a half years later he proposed on Canon beach in Oregon. The wedding was perfect for us during this Christmas season! The unforgettable day was followed by a honeymoon in Jamaica!
Our wedding was Christmas themed with lots of greens, lights, and old romantic music like Frank Sinatra. It was cozy and captured the charm and love that we share for each other and our guests. The colors were dark green and champagne, classy, charming! The venue decorated for Christmas and it was absolutely perfect."




Siena wore FLEUR by Madi Lane Bridal

"This dress was absolutely stunning. Perfect ball gown, so soft and smooth with little decals that looked like snowflakes. It complimented my body so well. It was flattering and a little sexy without being scandalous!"






Siena's Advice for Future Luv Brides


"The quality of the dresses at LUV is outstanding. My one wedding day didn’t feel long enough to wear my dress. There is such a variety that can fit everyone. Just let go of all the other stress of planning and relax and enjoy the day, it’s so special and will be over before you know it."





Bride and Groom: Siena and Cooper

The Bride Wore: The FLEUR gown by Madi Lane Bridal

Photographer: Corinne Landrith Photography

Venue: The Mitten Building in Redlands, California

Wedding Planner: Diving Planning + Coordination