Drake and Jessica in TARA Mobile Image

A Magical Wedding in the Stunning

Hillside of Melini in Cyprus, Europe

About Jessica's experience at Luv Bridal in Los Angeles, CA

"My stylist at LUV Bridal in downtown Los Angeles was phenomenal. She asked what my likes and dislikes were, listened to the vision I had for my dress, and respected my budget restrictions. She was calm and patient with me - as was everyone else at LUV. Unlike many of the other wedding dress stores I went to, no one at LUV tried to pressure me into buying a dress that day - contrarily, they encouraged me to take my time for this once-in-a-lifetime decision, and welcomed me back not once, but twice more to try on the dress and make sure it was “The One”. The funny thing is that the dress I ended up falling in love with didn’t perfectly match what I had told Kayla I wanted; she kept her suggestions within my comfort zone, but challenged me to try a little something different - and I LOVED it! I knew my gown was “The One” when I started crying seeing myself in it. I have nothing but praise and gratitude for all the fantastic employees at LUV Bridal."



About Jessica and Drake's Wedding Day


"We got married in the stunning mountains of Melini in Cyprus, Europe, where my now-husband spent a lot of his youth, and where we shared our first summers together. Our venue was a quaint family home on the top of a hill, with their own private little chapel and stunning views. We were so fortunate to host our wedding with our nearest and dearest family and friends, who flew in from all across the globe: from my husband’s and my native countries of England and Sweden, our current home of the United States, and numerous other corners of the world.
I loved our personal touches, such as having my baby cousins as ring bearer and flower girl, and sentimental details, including my husband and I dancing to a waltz that one of my ancestors composed almost a century ago, and me wearing the same floral hair piece that my mother wore on her wedding day - the flowers matched my dress magically well! Our friends and family held such wonderful and hilarious speeches, and we danced to our favorite songs with our favorite people into the early hours of the morning.
My favorite memory from the wedding day was actually at 3AM, the time when we had originally agreed to end the party. However, at this point, I was having SO much fun that I couldn’t bear the night ending yet! So, I ran around to all our vendors to ask them to let us stay for another hour. Eventually I had guilted everyone into agreeing (I might recall using the phrase “it’s my WEDDING” more than once), so I ran straight up to the DJ booth, grabbed his microphone and yelled - à la Wolf of Wall Street - “WE’RE NOT F****ING LEAVING!” Hahaha. I even think I ended it with a real life mic drop… Oops ;)"




Jessica wore TARA by Mia Solano

ELORA is the ultimate garden wedding gown. A creature of sheer romance, she embodies the natural world through the use of a floral motif that adorns almost every inch of her bodice and hides among the many layers of her tulle skirt.





Supanida's Advice for Future Luv Brides


"It’s so much easier said than done, but try not to put so much pressure on your wedding day! While it is a special day, it is also a day like any other, and you may not feel perfectly happy, stress-free, and bubbly all day - and that’s okay! I think the less pressure you put on the day, the more you’ll be able to roll with the unavoidable hiccups and stressful feelings, and instead cherish every single happy moment. Also, the day really does fly by, so make sure to invest in a good photographer and videographer, so that you and your partner can sit down and relive all the wonderful moments for as long as you want, for the rest of your lives :) x"






The Bride Wore: The TARA gown by Mia Solano

Photographer: Aziz Altaany

Videographer: MOFILMS

Florist & Decorations: Island Rose Cyprus

Cake: La Galerie

Glam: Eliana Makeup Art & Sofia Mavrodonti

Day-of Coordinator: Weddings by Elizabeth Anne

Rings: Darbini Jewelry

Venue: HoneyLi Hill