William and Karina in ROWAN Mobile Image

An Intimate Micro-Wedding

in the Stunning Aspen Mountains

About Karina's experience at Luv Bridal in Los Angeles, CA

"I could not have gotten any luckier with my stylist! I originally went in just to look and start getting ideas because I had no idea what it was I wanted for my wedding. My stylist toured me through the dresses somehow remembered the ones that caught my attention and grabbed them for me to try on. Within the bunch there was one that I absolutely adored I cried when I saw myself in it however, my stylist had one more up his sleeve and dominated the one I had chosen! He somehow knew better than I did what I was looking for, he paid attention to detail when I was talking about what my wedding would be like and he just knew what would go. He’s amazing and what he does and could not have been more thankful for him!"



About Karina & William's Luv Story


"My now husband I have been together since high school. After 10 wonderful years we have finally gotten married, which most may say is overdue but we were just kids when we met so we were happy to take our time. We love to travel and if we can incorporate beautiful places into our love story we will. We’re from California, got engaged in New York and got married in Colorado. We love creating memories and it’s even better if it’s in places we can take our future family to and share our stories with.
Our beautiful wedding took place in Aspen Colorado. We wanted something extremely special and intimate our closest friends and family took the time to join us as well. It was a small party but the views and adventure that came along with it were to die for. Although traditional wedding are beautiful I will always recommend passing on the traditional wedding and have a micro-wedding or elopement instead. We loved that we got to enjoy a mini vacation with everyone involved so it was so much more than just the wedding."



Karina wore ROWAN by Evie Young Bridal

The gown of romance. Rowan is a stunning combination of a classic silhouette enhanced by a statement bodice. Reminiscent of vintage corsets, this elegant gown charms with a lace-up illusion detail at the back, finished with a delicate bow and flowing ribbons.






Karina's Advice for Future Luv Brides


"Planning a wedding may be stressful but enjoy every minute of it! Believe me when I say you will miss the chaos once it’s all over with. As stressful as it may be, try your best to make it fun!"








The Bride Wore: The ROWAN gown by Evie Young

Photographer: Alpine Vows

Hair: Ana Belén Aspen Hairstylist

Makeup: Vanessa Vieni

Flowers: Carolyn's Flowers

Officiant: Elevated Wedding Officiant